Hardwood Flooring Techniques for Installation

Hardwood flooring it is. After thinking about it for some time, you have finally made your decision and it’s going to be hardwood flooring. It’s going to be the new material for your home’s flooring.

Hardwood Floors NRH

There are plenty of reasons to love and choose hardwood as your home’s flooring. You personally love its look and the fact that it’s so easy to maintain. Plus, there’s the fact that it lasts for quite a while as well.

There’s still one more step to make, though. You’ll also need to decide on the installation process that will be used. Check this guide from  hardwood floors nrh tx for help. The flooring contractor that you’re working with is consulting you on what’s best for your home. So you’re going to have to pick from the different flooring techniques for installation of hardwood.

Nail Down Technique

The nail down technique is one of the most common techniques used for installation, especially for thin wood flooring. In this technique, the wood flooring is attached to the subfloor with the use of nails. This technique is used mainly on hardwood flooring that is ¾” thick. But there are flooring nailer models that have adapter plates used for the base of the manual flooring nailer. It could also be for the pneumatic nailing gun that’s used for thinner solid as well as engineered flooring sizes. Remember that solid wood flooring is only meant to be installed on subfloors that are also made of wood.

Staple Down Technique

Another installation technique used for hardwood flooring is the staple don technique. In this technique, staples are used instead of nails for attaching the wooden flooring to the subfloor. For the purpose of attaching the staple to the wood flooring and the subfloor, a pneumatic nailing gun is used. It would be a modified pneumatic flooring nailer that is utilized for driving 1-½” to 2” staples to the flooring and subfloor. This is used instead of cleats for attaching the tongue and groove flooring.

Glue Down

Aside from the nail down and staple down techniques, there’s also the glue down technique that’s also used for installing hardwood flooring. This technique is primarily used for engineered wood flooring as well as parquet flooring. A powerful adhesive is used for attaching the wooden flooring to the wooden subfloor. It’s going to be spread over the subfloor with the use of a trowel just to make sure that the wooden flooring is properly attached.


Last but not the least technique is the one known as floating technique. Floating is actually known as the quickest and easiest installation technique available. In this technique, the wooden flooring is not actually attached to the subfloor, but floating over it. This can be made possible by using adhesives or by just snapping the subfloor and wooden flooring together. A pad is often placed in between the flooring and subfloor to serve as protection against noise and moisture.

These are the most common flooring techniques for installation of hardwood flooring. It can depend on what a homeowner wants or on what the contractor recommends, but all of these techniques are guaranteed to help keep the quality of the flooring and make it last a long time.